Wednesday, September 14, 2011

POTM...September Edition

Can you guys believe it's the middle of September??  Where did the summer go??  Last month we launched our Polish Of The Month post and we are back to show what we have picked for this month.

September Polish Of The Month

Mendi's Pick - OPI's My Address Is Hollywood (2011 Touring America Collection)
topped with Sephora by OPI's Traffic Stopper Copper
A rosy pink-coral paired with the most amazing rose gold micro-fine and chunky glitter - my "go to" transition polish from summer into fall!

Jayme's Pick - Orly's Nite Owl (2011 Fall Birds of a Feather Collection)
A taupe-y-brown color with lots of silver shimmer - definitely a color that is better on than in the bottle!

So what do you guys think?  What is your go to polish of the month??


  1. Love these colors! Great for fall!

    P.S You guys are killer at these manicures, they look professional!

  2. lovely nails, that orange with golden flakes is so cute :)

    thanks for your sweet comments and of course we will follow you back <3

    xoxo p&c

  3. thanks for the comment!
    Glitters on nails are amazing, only a cruel to get of!

  4. hi dolls <3

    thanks for stopping by my blog
    ofcourse i am going to follow <3
    i love the blog

    :) lets keep in touch


  5. Love the colours you have chosen! Especially the Orly. When my nails are stubby a more neutral polish really lengthens the look of one's fingers. I currently am still stuck on Chanel Peridot. I am thinking of layering it over a deep green though to get a different effect.
    Love you guys!

  6. I love the orange with the gold glitters, so pretty!

  7. I love them both! Very original, right now I am a silver shade I bought from Mavala!

  8. i have been eying traffic stopper, but it wasnt chunky enough on its own. now i want it again :(

  9. My new go to polish is Ulta's INTO ASTRONO-ME....beautiful dark teal shimmer shade

  10. ooohhh, both of these are great! i have a similar OPI color and have some glitter so i'm gonna try this out. and i love that taupe-y polish too. i have a similar color though without the cool sparkle to it!

  11. I love both of them and I find that polishes with glitter last longer for some reason. And I love the color of the second nail polish, I'm a huge fan of nude/neutral colored polishes :)

  12. I've been wearing Chanel Peridot & Chanel Graphite - both gorgeous. I love your colours too xoxo

  13. Hi.
    Thanks for following, I will folow back.

  14. @ Lea - Thanks for the follow!

    @ adele - Chanel...we need to try Chanel like yesterday!

    @ Madeline - We agree that glitter polishes last so long! It's nice! We also love neutrals! So easy to paint and not have to think about what you are wearing!

    @ Claire - Thanks! Try the glitter polish! Or try it on Princess Sparkles! :-)

  15. @ jemappelleshen - Oh you are too kind! Thanks!!!

    @ soldoutforever - Thanks for the follow!

    @ The American Getaway - It is though to get off! We have found an easier way - maybe we will do a post on that!

    @ Melu103 - Thanks for stopping by! And for following! Welcome!

    @ Yvonne - Thanks! Chanel Peridot is so pretty. Yes girl..layer!! :-)

  16. @ Sandra - The glitter is one of our all time faves!

    @ Francesca R - Silver...LOVE!

    @ RachelM132 - Ok girl, you have to go back and get it! We promise you will love it!

    @ DSK Steph - We like when you say you "need" a nail polish. That's how we feel!

    @ Shelley - That's a great color! Post a pic on twitter of it on your nails!

  17. oooh - I like Nite Owl! Great for the fall.

  18. @ The Blonde @ Stylish3 - It's a great neutral!


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