Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LUSH Vlog & Haul

On August 20th (Jayme's birthday), we took a day trip to Northern Virginia to visit the LUSH store at Tyson's Corner to stock up on some of their amazing bath & hair products.  We figured we'd do a little vlogging along the way, as well as a haul video to share with you guys.  It's a long one, so settle in & get comfy...

Sorry for the extra long video, but we had so many goodies to show you guys!  Here's a picture of the store we visited.  We were actually surprised at how tiny it was (just a narrow sliver of a storefront).  The LUSH stores that Mendi visited in Chicago were inside of Macy's stores & were much larger.  Does your LUSH look like this one?

LUSH at Tyson's Corner, Washington DC

Hope you enjoyed watching!  If you watched all 29 minutes, thank you!!  We wanted this video to be as informative as possible.  Please let us know if you have tried any of these products and let us know what you crave from LUSH.


  1. Nice video! It's fun to see you guys moving and talking instead of just a picture :-)

    I have never bought anything at Lush before. I am lucky enough to have an aunt who is into making soaps, creams, lotions, lip balms... you name it. I have an extremely dry and sensitive skin, so I am pretty much only using her products (also because I am her test bunny... yay!).

    I do love the smell from the store though. It's everywhere the same!

    Ladylike at Predator Ridge

  2. Love love the lip scrub!!!!!

  3. haha as soon as I saw the picture and didn't read anything, I thought dang that looks like the Tyson store LOL How did you like the mall? It's one of my favorites to shop at

  4. My local Lush store is a lot smaller than these, but I think they use the same format in every store so still looks similar xoxo

  5. @ Leonie - So glad you like this video!! Cool that your aunt makes all of this stuff. That's so awesome and saves lots of money! :-)

    @ Anonymous - We do too!

    @ Cami - So many awesome products to play with!

    @ adthenshesmiled - We've been up to Tyson before and we love it! Wanted to stay longer but Ikea was calling!

    @ adele - Thanks for letting us know. We thought that this one might be on the smaller side.

  6. Omg, I love the husbands in this! Love the support actors haha! No but really, that's great that they are going along for all of this! John in Ulta is, oh gosh, he pretty much is giving me the you owe me look the whole time! haha!

    I don't have a Lush, but thank goodness you can order online! I need need need that chocolate lip scrubber! Oh that has got to be lovely!

    OMG THE GLITTER MONSTER. Shwoah, that's something. I love it, but please let me know what the aftermath of the towels are? I'm such a nut because my towels are white because even after rinse off my face products with peroxide in them were slowly bleaching everything. {Go Proactiv!}

    Oh all these bath products, y'all I can't wait for the reviews!! Killing me! :)

    Jayme you're too adorable with all the glitter!

    (I'm clearly watching this whole thing, I've no knowledge of Lush and am so intrigued!}

    That bath bomb talk about huge! Mercy.

    Okay, I love the glitter obsession. and those bath gellies? Jellies? My inner child is really really loving those!

    Happy birthday again Jayme! I can't wait to hear the full review of all this!!


  7. I didnt even relize it was 29 minutes until it was over!! so fun!! we dont have lush where i live. I think the massage bar and the shower scent bomb(the one with the orange man) looks really interesting!! Thanks

  8. I've never been to a Lush before... I'm not even sure if we have them in Alabama? I'll have to look into that.

  9. I felt like I was hanging out with you girls, so much fun! I take it for granted that I have a LUSH store 10 mins away, and mine is the normal kind of square retail store size not the alley ones..which I find a bit hard to maneuver in. I have the bubblegum scrub, so yummy.. I so agree with you thou, you have to go and smell it yourself to know if you'll really like something or not. I also love their Ultrabalm, the best thing ever in the winter if you get any extremely dry patches of skin or it makes the bottom of your feet super smooth too.

  10. @ Mrs. WASP - You are too sweet! Thanks for mention of the hubbies! They liked going even if they acted like they didn't! They got to hang out with us ALL DAY LONG! :-) We will for sure review these products. So far so good!!

    @ RachelM132 - So glad to hear that! We were worried about how long the video was!

    @ Mary Lane - You'll love it if you get to one! They have them in ATL if you get there at all in some of the Macy's.

    @ Tracy D - The alley kind was so hard. We may have hit a few of the bombs and broke them. uh oh! The Ultrabalm sounds awesome for the winter. We might need to make another trip. ;-)


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