Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Give Summer the Boot!

Can you hear that??  That's the sound of us throwing our summer sandals and wedges into a box for seasonal storage somewhere other than front and center in our closets.  Entering stage left: BOOTS!!  Over-the-knee boots, motorcycle boots, rainboots, boot-ies...you name it.  If it has the word "boot" in it, we're likely to crave it.  Here are a few of our favorites spotted online recently:

Lace Up Combat Boots
Forever 21 = $35.80

Diba Kayden Bootie
DSW = $49.95

Not Rated Spin
Piperlime = $55.00

Madden Girl Over-the-Knee Riding Boot

AEO Buckle Moto Boot

Gerthung Knee-High Boot
ALDO = $90.00

Minnetonka Triple Fringe Boot

Sadie High Heel Bootie
Fossil = $98.00

Hunter Original Rainboot
Piperlime = $125.00

Steve Madden Lakke Boot
DSW = $139.95

Dolce Vita High Tack Boots
Anthropologie = $298.00

Frye 'Melissa Button' Boot
Nordstrom = $327.95

So, we want to know, is it boot-appropriate weather where you live yet?  Or do you have a few more weeks before you banish your summer shoes to storage??  Maybe you're one of the "lucky" ones who live in a climate where you can wear sandals year-round.  But, we must say, we love being able to experience all four seasons here in Virginia and our boots are here to stay!  Atleast until next spring.


  1. What a fabulous selection of boots!! I would be so happy to have any of them in my footwear collection. I am new to your blog and am really enjoying it already :-)

    Lots of love


  2. I want them all!!
    About two more weeks here and it's boot season!

  3. We LOVE boots! Kayla loves the lace up combat boots and Heather loves the Sadie Heel booties. We are both looking forward to boot weather in Ohio too :)

    Heather & Kayla

  4. I've been on a boots hunt recently but I still haven't found the perfect ones. I wish we had all these amazing stores in my country!

    P.S. Would you please vote for me (number 4) in this conest? :)


  5. the anthropologie boots are GORGEOUS!!! Why they din't sart a business in Italy as well? I love that store!

  6. High heel booties from Fossil are hot! Especially loving that gray flannel on them. Too hot here in NC. Fall couldn't arrive fast enough:)

  7. Gorgeous boots! I cant get enough of them-- especially the FRYE's too bad they are so expensive tho :/


  8. I LOVE boots! Unfortunately it is not quite boot season here in Texas. Hopefully in a few more weeks!

  9. Today i got the Steve Madden Lakke Boots in Taupe!!! they are the most beautiful color and i love the zipper on the sides!! so excited!!!

  10. Great picks! Considering we only really have one season here, I still love boots! On the rare occasion that we do have heavy rain though, I love to whip out my Hunter Wellies. =D

  11. I am really loving the Frye boots at the bottom! They would look so Cute with tights and a skirt this fall.

  12. Nothing better than boots, jeans and a sweater. Although it's about 90 here right now so it feels like boot season is still far far away!

  13. Nice boots!


  14. My favourite is the Sadie boots! =D

  15. It's definitely getting into boot appropriate weather here. I cant wait to bust out my studded boots!



  16. Yes, you could wear boots here in the UK right now - this week has turned really autumnal. I love the Steve Madden boots xoxo

  17. Oh I love boots, I think they're so easy to wear!
    It's not boots time here yet...

    My faves are: Fossil, DSW and Urban Oufitters


  18. @ by Becky ~ Thank you so much for visiting our blog & leaving us a comment! We're both craving a couple of those boots too...we wish we could afford to get them all!! Haha! :)

    @ Tracy@Beauty Reflections ~ With all the rain we're getting right now, we can already pull off rainboots...in fact, Jayme is today!

    @ Style Journey ~ Mendi wants the Fossil Sadie booties to wear this fall with cute skirts & tights. Jayme is craving the American Eagle moto boots. We'd love to have them ALL though!

  19. @ Sandra ~ I bet you have great shopping options over there for boots that we don't have here in the US too. We're going to go visit the contest right now! :)

    @Francesca R ~ Anthropologie is amazing...so sorry that you don't have them there in Italy. Those boots are made by a brand called Dolce Vita, so you may be able to do an internet search & find them somewhere closer to you.

    @ KnitPastis ~ Virginia has been gloomy & rainy the past couple days, so we're already pulling out our boots. Next week it will probably be 95 degrees again!! Sheesh!

  20. @ The Desert Fox ~ We feel the same way! Frye boots are gorgeous. I'm sure the quality is amaxing & they'd last you a lifetime, but $327 for a pair of boots is a little crazy!!

    @ Meg ~ Hey girl! Hope you're not anywhere near all of the wildfires in Texas. Maybe in another month or so, you can pull out all of your boots...Texas is known for their BOOTS after all!

    @ RachelM132 ~ You're so lucky!! Those boots are definitely high up on our wish list...especially the taupe ones.

  21. @ Shop N' Chomp ~ You're so lucky that you have a pair of Hunter wellies. I think I'm putting them on my Christmas list this year. Now I just have to decide what color...hmmm...??

    @ Emma ~ You're right, those Frye boots would look hot with a skirt & tights!

    @ Tracy D ~ We'll keep our fingers crossed for a cool front to head your way soon!! ;)

  22. @ t ~ Thanks for dropping us a comment. Going to visit your blog now!

    @ PopBlush ~ Mendi's favorite is the Sadie boot too! They'd look great with either jeans or a skirt with tights.

    @ Sarah ~ Studded boots?!? We like the sounds of that! Gotta love boot season!

  23. @ adele ~ We bet the UK is loving the cooler temps! We're enjoying some rainy fall weather here this week, but we worry that next week will be sweltering again. Our boots are lined up & ready to go though!!

    @ chiaweb ~ Thanks so much for dropping us a comment! Great faves! We agree. ;)

  24. I love the Frye 'Melissa' boot! I've had them on my radar for quite a while now.

  25. Nice selection! I am not ready yet to put aside my summer shoes. BUT the rain boots are already on my to buy list. Apparently it's a must-have here in Vancouver...!

    Ladylike at Predator Ridge

  26. ooh i swoon over all these boots! especially the steve madden ones because they are in the my price range. love them!

  27. it's not boot weather yet but it could change in an hour here in utah...
    great boots :)

  28. @ The Blonde - Frye makes the best boots!!!

    @ Leonie - I'm wearing rain boots today!! Everyone needs at least one pair of rain boots!

    @ Mrs. Pancakes - We love Steve Madden and you can get some great deals at DSW!

  29. @ Jen - You guys will probably get some snow soon! :-) You never know with Utah weather...so we see on Dooce. :-)

  30. Oh wow I heart boots they're like my fav things to rock soooooooo cute. And you picked out some really good ones <3 them :)

    Now following back


  31. I adore boots! I think they look amazing. I live in Hawaii, though, and while some people wear them, usually the weather doesn't get cold enough to need them. :P

  32. @ barelyorganizedchaos - Not wear boots or live in Hawaii...ummm...we'll take Hawaii! Thanks so much for commenting!

  33. AH! AMAZING SELECTIOn... boots are actually my favorite kind of shoes =P and your right, Frye makes the most incredible pair of harness boots! LOVE the selection ladies, GREAT taste =D


  34. @ Rocker Chic - Thanks for the follow!

  35. Unfortunately it is very much boot appropriate weather in London but that doesn't have to be a bad thing with these boots! I love them ALL!

  36. @ Kimberly - Thanks so much! The Frye's are amazing!

    @ Meghan @ Wishful Thinking - I bet you have a nice collection being that you probably get to wear them more than us! Lucky girl!

  37. Boots are my favorite shoes. I used to switch over to them as soon as September hit, but this year I'm waiting until fall officially starts. In NC the weather is so up and down, it's better just to choose a date instead of going by the weather!

    Thanks for showing so many affordable options!

  38. Oh hot damn those are my jam!

    I don't know if y'all like Frye but I found a pair at Target that are Merona, and are IDENTICAL to the Frye Melissa Button.

    I've been bombarding the MR to get them (currently not working blows let me tell you) so fingers crossed.

  39. Ha! God, this what happens when I scroll fast through photos! Those last Frye boots y'all posted are what Target's has! Here's a link! http://www.target.com/p/Women-s-Merona-174-Kasia-Tall-Leather-Boots-Cognac/-/A-12465518

  40. @ Michelle - And we are doing the opposite this year. HAHA! We are going to start wearing them now instead of waiting until it actually gets cold. :)

  41. @ Mrs. WASP - You totally cracked us up!! The boots from Target are a great "affordable" dupe! Great eyes girlfriend!

  42. We are not quite ready for boots here in CA. We are one of those places that might be considered lucky enough to wear sandals year round or rather we do whether we should or not! Happy fall to you!

  43. Whew! I am so ready to say goodbye to Summer! Bring on the Fall Boots!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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