Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Drop It Like It's Hot

It's been awhile since I've brought you guys an 'Adventures in Cooking with Mendi' post, so today I thought I'd hit you up with a peculiar, hot little recipe that piqued my curiosity.  It's the most unlikely of suspects and via quite a random source.  Allow me to explain.  I commute 45 minutes each way to work everyday and there's no way that I could survive it without my SiriusXM satellite radio, specifically the Cosmo Radio channel, where I get my daily dose of my favorite morning show, Wake Up with Taylor, which is best summed up by this description and photo...
"Taylor (the lil cup of espresso) and Kenny (Cosmo's resident girl-boy) bring you celeb gossip, hilarious stories, and a burst of energy to get you through the day."
Cosmo® Radio / SiriusXM Channel 109
Wake Up With Taylor

One morning last week, I heard TayTay (in my mind, I can call her TayTay because we're BFF's...she just doesn't know it yet) talking about an Indian meatball soup that she had just made.  I heard her say that she tweeted out the recipe, so I immediately jumped on Twitter to snatch it up.  It went a little something like this:

1lb grnd turkey/1 bunch cilantro/1onion/1/4 cup sriracha hotsauce/1cup bulgar wheat

2 boxes of swanson chicken broth...chop cil and onion...mix w turkey

Then Add toTurkey mix 1 egg 1/4 cup hot sauce & bulgar wheat...mix 2gthr...make little balls...bring chick broth to boil...

Add balls/big chunks of carrots/mini potatoes/celery to broth...cook for 15-20min medium heat and ta-dah! That was all from memory baby!

I'm a visual person, so I'm gonna just assume that you guys are too, so therefore, I took tons of photos for you to see step-by-step.  Here are all of the ingredients ready to go:

And here you have the ground turkey getting ready to get his mix on with the cilantro and onion:

You're gonna mix the turkey, cilantro, onion, sriracha hot sauce and bulgur wheat all together to make these little *balls* (sorry, that makes me giggle):

(Now this is where I'm gonna ask that you not pre-judge my little soup like I almost did.)  I've added the *balls* (heehee) to the chicken broth, thrown in some cubed red potatoes and carrots and it's at this point that things are looking a little questionable.  For some reason, this wasn't what it had looked like in my head, but I decided to not give up.  (Oh, and I skipped the celery...the hubz & I aren't big fans.)

I will note that I could only find cans of the Swanson chicken broth at my grocery store, so instead of getting two boxes, I got four cans.  And wellllll...I have to say that I think it needed about two more cans.  The broth cooked down quite a bit and I was left craving more.  See my lack of bueno...

But alas...salt and pepper to your pleasure, sit back, tune into a football game and enjoy this shocking little concoction.

Admittedly, I had my doubts about this little fella, but much to my hubz and I's tastebuds' pleasure (say that three times fast), it was shockingly really good, y'all!!  If you like things on the spicy side, feel free to dial up the intensity by splashing a little more of the sriracha hot sauce into your bowl of soup, but beware, sriracha is not for the faint of heart.

Let me know if this is a recipe that you're curious enough (like me) to try.  Or if you're a seasoned pro at Indian meatball soup, let me know that as well.  I'd love to know how your concoction goes.  

Now that fall is upon us, I promise to be bringing you guys more recipe posts.  There's something about this time of year that makes me want to stay in, whip up some comfort food and cuddle under a blanket.  If you have any suggestions for me, send them my way!!  The hubz will thank you. 



  1. This looks absolutely amazing and delicious! The "balls" reference made me giggle too, hee hee! I will be printing this out to try out at home :) Heather

  2. I bet it was fantastic! You know this would also do really well in a crockpot!! Thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for something new to do with ground turkey! I always seem to make boring old meatloaf or parma rosa with it!

  3. @ Style Journey - Yay! Let me know if you do!

    @ Mrs. WASP - Good idea! Jayme wants to make one of your recipes soon!

  4. yummm ! thanks for making me this
    hungry early in the morning lol

    congrats !!!!!
    there is a little gift for you
    in my blog .. stop by <3


  5. Mmm, this looks yummylicious!

  6. I've never had Indian meatball soup before but this looks all kinds of YUM!

  7. @ Shop N' Chomp - It is so yummy!!! It's definitely a make again.

    @ Sandra - Yummy to my tummy! :-)

    @ Melu103 - Thanks for commenting! Sorry we made you hungry! :-) Heading over now! Thanks!!!

  8. This recipe looks great! I already knew I loved you, but when you (1) admitted that "balls" make you giggle and (2) that you don't like celery, I realized that we are soulmates.

  9. Yeah, it's about that time of year that I start getting my cooking on! It's too hot in the Summer to be using the oven.When it's husband approved, you know you got a winner.

  10. yum, that soup looks so good with all those veggies and the tasty meatballs! mmm!!!

  11. never had Indian meatball soup before but with your pics It look yummy and I guess time for me to have a taste of it:)

    thank you for sharing:) yummy foods!

  12. thank you so much!!
    i'm following back :)

  13. mmmm looks delicious <3

  14. @ Michelle's Style File - First time I had seen a tweeted recipe! :-)

    @ soldoutforever - It was so good!!

    @ Yara Mel - Welcome! Thanks for coming over and following!

    @ Sunnytoast - It was so yummy considering how it looked! :-)

    @ Claire - It was an easy way to get my veggie serving!

    @KnitPastis - Yes, get to cooking! :-) Husband approved is key!

    @ the Blonde - So knew you would get that humor! :-)

  15. This looks really good. I might give it a try :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  16. @ Madeline - Great! Let me know if you do!

  17. it looks yummy...
    but i don't think i can be bothered to try it.

    first time on here
    love it


  18. Love it, wish I had satellite radio b/c I'm guessing 'Tay Tay' and I would be tight too! I love these recipes posts, I might start doing some as well if you don't mind the rip off. Oh and thanks for adding me to your favourite blogs, you of course are on mine too. Mawh Mawh...xo

  19. She was just talking about it again this morning, so as soon as I got to work I googled the ingredients and came accross your blog. So excited to try it soon!

  20. She was just talking about it again this morning, so as soon as I got to work I googled the ingredients and came accross your blog. So excited to try it soon!

    1. Let us know what you think when you make it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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