Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Outlet Haul

Labor Day weekend, my hubz & I made a quick weekend trip to New Jersey to visit our great friends and their two beautiful girls.  We flew up to Newark and back to Richmond within 48 hours, so our whirlwind weekend consisted primarily of hanging out, eating some great food and of course, a little shopping.  New Jersey has some really great outlet shopping options.  Our friends live in the town of Jackson, so we paid a quick visit to the Jackson Premium Outlets on Saturday afternoon.  I thought I'd share a haul video with you guys of the great finds I found for fall at Banana Republic & Gap.  Hope you enjoy watching!

You can get so much more for your money at outlets!  Do you guys have any outlets near where you live?  The closest one to us here in Richmond is the Williamsburg Premium Outlets, which are about 45 minutes to an hour east of us, so we're able to make a quick trip there as long as we have a little bit of time to plan for it.  In fact, Jayme just recently took an impromptu trip to Williamsburg to do a little outlet shopping with her mom, so stay tuned for Jayme's haul video to come!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!  Any fall shopping on your To Do list???



  1. I have an outlet about 20 minutes away, which has some really high-end designers (Juicy, BCBG, etc.). I love it! I'm always shopping there when they're having big sales.

    I used to live in Newport News, and when we lived there we frequently went to the Williamsburg Outlets. In fact, I purchased the outfit my daughter came home from the hospital in from the Carter's there. (At least there was a Carter's there when I went 7 years ago, lol!)

  2. Great haul, I love what you got. I think you can never have too many cardigans, haha! :) My favorite is probably the turquoise and black striped blouse. :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  3. the closest outlet store is about 30 minutes away from me, but I rarely go there, even when I'm NOT on a shopping ban:) haha.

    Lovely haul! I really like the BR cardi with those gorgeous buttons that you picked up! Great purchase.
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Good haul! Our closest outlet malls are about 45minutes away. They have a Banana Republic and Ann Taylor which is dangerous due to the shopping ban! They also have a great Bath and Body Works outlet too. We posted our goodies today from your giveaway! Have a great weekend :-)

  5. I love the outlets! I always hit 'em on the way to and from You got yourself some really nice things! I'm with you on the stripes and cardigans. Those are must-haves in my closet. =D

  6. we have some outlets about 30 minutes out with GAP being the only store I really go into. It's kind of like Ross and/or TJ Maxx in that it is hit or miss sometimes I find good stuff at great prices and sometimes I'm disappointed. Congrats on your haul!

  7. You are so damn cute! I think the navy and pink stripe will look awesome on you. The military style jacket is pretty fabulous too.

  8. Hi!
    Lots of outlets out here in Massachusetts. I don't go very much and I don't know why! Lol.
    I did do some fall shopping watching all the FNO,shows. I bought a winter white cape from Nordstrom and a faux fur animal print vest. Love you girls and your blog!
    Diane :)

  9. We have some great outlets about an hour away in Birmingham, and then we have some AWESOME ones in Florida where our beach house is. I love how much more you can get for your money at outlets!

  10. great video!! too bad for me, I´m in México! :(
    thanks for the information!!

  11. Nice buys!

    Fall shopping is definitely on my list and I will start with it as soon as I can ;-) I have so many ideas for new outfits, trying out different colors... It will (hopefully) be a season of experimenting - trying new things. I feel so inspired!

    All smiles at Kalamalka Lake

  12. @ Leonie - We feel the same way! Bring on Fall!

    @ Gaby - Thanks! Ah, but summer all year long might now be so bad especially when it's about 20 degrees here in the middle of winter. :-)

    @ Mary Lane - We love us some outlet shopping! We do it about once or twice a year!

    Diane - We love that you shopped for FNO! Sounds like you got some awesome items!! Jealous! :-) Thanks for being such an awesome reader!

  13. @ Yvonne - You are too kind! Congrats on being a part of Project Style!

    @ Lisa - You are so right! Sometimes we haul and sometimes we strike out!

    @ Shop N' Chomp - So jealous you are so close to Vegas!!

    @ Style Journey - YAY! Going to check it out now!

  14. @ NeutraKris - The Carter's is still there - just bought some stuff there recently for a friend's new baby. :-)

    @ Laura - We've put ourselves on a ban before! It's so hard! Thanks so much!!

    @ Madeline - Thank you so much!

  15. Mela, you got you some great stuff. My favorite outlet is EBAY, no one can beat them. Of course, I do not mind second hand.

    Loving the blog

    Slow Strut, Rouge Lips - Not Just a Fashion Blog

  16. Gosh I really do need to start shopping at outlet stores just hate how crowded and messy they are...sigh...maybe they're just the ones I go to right?!!! Great video doll

    <3 Marina

  17. @ Kristina - Thanks! We have never really shopped on Ebay. Maybe it's time...:-)

    @ Marina - You have to get to the outlets when they open so you can actually get some things without it being a ton of people and before the stores start looking like the day after Thanksgiving! :-)


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