Monday, September 19, 2011

MK Outlet Haul

"Hello.  How 'bout that ride in?  I guess that's why they call it Sin City."  You can't talk about Vegas and not reference The Hangover

As I mentioned in the video, my husband and I are off to Vegas soon to celebrate our 2-year anniversary.  To say that we are excited is a total understatement.  And now I have some new clothes for my trip!  I love the Michael Kors store at the Williamsburg Prime Outlets

We are so ready to go!  We plan on hitting the pool, eating our faces off, drinking until we fall down, doing a little gambling and, of course, WINNING while we gamble.  HAHA!  Honestly, we don't have any hardcore plans, we're just going to go with the flow and have fun!

Wonder if we will come back with a baby named Carlos...hmmm...  :-)

Have you ever been to Vegas??  Please send your "must-see" recommendations my way!



  1. I love Vegas!! I have only done girl trips though! You have to shop the Venetian Grand Canal Shops! The shops in Caesars Palace are pretty awesome too. Largest H&M in the world in Caesars. Be sure to go into the lobby of the Bellagio. They always have the most amazing decorations for the season. If you get a chance, check out The Mentalist at Planet Hollywood. Gerry McCambridge is amazing! The largest Forever21 is in the Fashion Show mall which is right across the street from Treasure Island. Their nightly show is really fun and free. Anyway, I could go on for days about Vegas.
    Have a great time and happy anniversary!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Never been to Vegas, but would love to go just for the people watching in itself. Have a great time and shop a ton so we can see your goodies :-)

  3. Wishing there was a MK outlet in Chicago! Totally jealous of your great finds.


  4. I love Vegas, went there 2 weeks ago for our 12 yr anniversary, make sure you go to the inglot store at the caesars palace forum shops,, I'm sure you've heard about inglot, they also have an h&m there. The forum shops is my favorite place to shop at in vegas. And while you are there get a drink at fat Tuesday's, the octane with an extra shot is yummy and strong. There's so much to do, you will have a blast! Happy anniversary :)

  5. Earl of Sandwiches in Plant Hollywood. Must delish! we love vegas & the best plan is no plan. hit the strip & have so much fun. downtown vegas is a fun time, much different but cheap food and more casinos. have so much fun.

  6. This would be my dream!!!!

  7. I just got back from Vegas a couple weeks ago, so a lot of stuff is still fresh in my mind! lol. As far as shops go...there are tons. The Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian and the Palazzo shops that are connected to it are super pretty. The Fashion Show Mall has the biggest Forever21 I have ever been bf and I got separated and I had to call him to find him again. lol. There are also the Miracle Mile shops in Planet Hollywood which are good as well. And there are probably a bunch more shops I didn't even get to check out (The Forum Shops for mad I forgot to go there!) Definitely see a show (we saw Phantom of the Opera which was amazing). Also check out the Stratosphere Tower if you can...the view is spectacular, and they have a cool bar there with extremely strong and bottomless margaritas haha

  8. @ Melanie - Ok you just got me SO excited. I'm making my list now!! Strong and bottomless margaritas...I like your style! :-)

    @ adele - Come join us! :-)

    @ Natalia - No plan sounds good to us! thanks for the rec - we love to eat!

  9. @ K - Yes, Inglot was on the list but I didn't know where it was. YAY! Ok Octane with an extra shot. So doing it!

    @ Lauren - I just love that store. I'm always surprised when we have something in our area that bigger cities don't. That is so rare!

    @ Style Journey - Thanks so much! We can't wait to go and people watch...yes please!

    @ Yvonne - Thanks for all of your recs. They have been written down. I have a feeling that this will be the first of many trips to Vegas. :-)

  10. :) hi love !

    i love vegas <3
    my friends and I are going in November for
    my cousins 21st Bday :)

    look this will definitely help you :

    that guy that answered the question got it
    all planned out for you lol

    stop by my blog and let me know if this helped :)


  11. @ Melu103 - Yay! A 21st bday in Vegas! Wow, that sounds fun! Thanks for the link. Going there now!

  12. Love the haul! Especially the LBD. Mom knows best!

    Happy upcoming Anniversary! Hope you don't wake up to a tiger in your bathroom. :P

  13. Pretty items! I have actually never worn leopard (or any other animal) print in my life. I could appreciate it in other people's outfits, but on me... But I might give it a try this fall/winter, because... well, why not? ;-)

    Have fun in Las Vegas, hope you and your hubby will have an awesome time!

    Velvet Details

  14. We went last year for the 1st time, stayed at the Bellagio, saw O, ate at Bobby Flay's, Craftsteak house, Todd English's restaurant in the Bellagio...all fabulous. Shopping, shopping, shopping, people watching, and penny slots :) enjoy!!

  15. i LOVE vegas, been there last summer :)!
    I really liked the atmosphere in the cosmopolitan hotel, very stylish. You must see their pools!
    Have lots of fun!

  16. Super cool video! Love Vegas! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  17. LOL I used to work at the Prime Outlets at Nine West in high school... U guys make me miss home too much!

  18. @ Shop N Chomp - HAHA! Love that movie!!

    @ Leonie - I bet a little leopard would look great on you! Just try a scarf first!! :-)

    @ Tracy D - Great recs! Writing them down now!

    @ soldoutforever - Oh I've seen this hotel on you tube before. It's gorgeous!

    @ Fabrizia - Thanks!! Have fun in LA!

  19. @ LauraJean396 - How funny! Aw, you'll have to come back for a visit!

  20. Happy Anniversary!
    That's my one of my favorite outlets to go to!! Love those pants and that dress. Have fun in Vegas you two!

  21. @ KnitPastis - Thanks! We are so looking forward to it!

  22. I watch all of your videos and I can't wait to see more! This is a great haul, I really like everything you got and I hope you have a great anniversary :)

    *Cappuccino and Fashion*

  23. @ Madeline - Thanks for being such an awesome supporter! :-)


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