Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beauty Battle - "A Woman's Intuition"

As we've mentioned in past Beauty Battles, the purpose of these videos is for each of us to try out the same product, then keep our opinions to ourselves until we can share our thoughts with each other while the camera is rolling.  This Beauty Battle features the Schick Intuition Plus Razor Renewing Moisture with Pomegranate Extract...

Schick Intuition Plus Razor, Renewing Moisture, with Pomegranate Extract, 1 ea.Opens in a new window

Approx. $8 (however prices do vary)

Jayme's Conclusion:
I did the test between this razor and the trusty Gillette Daisy as mentioned in the video where I shaved one leg with the Schick and one leg with the Daisy and they were the same.  I did not notice one leg hair growing back faster than the other.  I just knew that the Schick was not getting a close enough shave, but I was wrong, they were the same.

Mendi's Conclusion:
I've continued to use the Schick versus my old faithful Venus Embrace and I still think that the Schick isn't giving me as close of a shave as the Venus does.  I'm also still experiencing the slight razor burn feeling right after shaving with the Schick, though it goes away within an hour or so.  Just to get the most for my money, I'll keep using the Schick intermittently until the built-in conditioning solid just isn't cutting it anymore.

Now it's your turn...have you ever tried the Schick Intuition??  If so, what did you think?


  1. i've stopped using razors because they're too expensive for all promises they never deliver. i love nair! at home wax kits never work as well as they do at the salon, too. ohh.. the trials and tribulations of a woman :)

  2. I have and I didn't really like it at all.

    I have very sensitive skin when it comes to shaving so needless to say this broke my legs out the next day.

    The conditioning solid lasted about 4 shaves for me, until it broke off.
    Definitely not worth the money.

  3. Hmm, thanks for the honest reviews!

  4. I didn't try yet, but I will!

  5. I experience razor burn with Schick also, love Gillette.

  6. Hello ladies,
    I have tried this and in fact it's my favourite razor! Mendi are you making sure to get it wet before using it? I'm thinking that might be why you're feeling like it's burning. I get it quite wet, then rinse it every couple of passes. Also I agree with Jayme, this is not useful for the bikini line (and I am so with you on the laser). Venus Spa Breeze also makes a two in one that is much smaller & more like a conventional razor. I use that when I travel. The clicking noise, hahaha..Mendi you crack me up :)

  7. i seriously was @ walmart last night and was in the razor aisle for no joke about 10 minutes (or longer) and had this exact razor in my hand but ended up buying these disposable razors that i heard someone on youtube say they were good

  8. these are great reviews girls! I actually don't know what I use hahaha...I should probably find out. I used to use the men's razor cause it was a really close shave, and I didn't ever get razor burns from them!


  9. I havent tried this razor, I tend to go with the Venus instead, which I really love.

  10. i've never shaved my legs before. i don't want to start because i'm going to have to keep on shaving for the rest of my life! Haha. But this sounds like it works great.


  11. I don't care for that razor. I love my Venus.

  12. i didnt like this product either...i'm so in love with my venus!!!

  13. I use this one all the time, I think it works just all right!

    Anne from WOLF359

  14. Lovely post!

    Shall we follow each other?


  15. great review dear ! and i think it works well.. i dont know whether it is available here in my country or not..

  16. Hey!
    Check out my newest post and be sure to leave a comment about what you think and what you'd like to see in the future!

  17. nope, i've never tried schick intuition, but thanks for the review! now i know what to expect if ever i do use it in the future. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  18. I stopped shaving, my skin just didn't like it. I can't seem to get the hang of waxing at home, so I pay to have it done professionally. It works for me.

  19. Jayme -- When I checked my email today I noticed that I received one for Groupon that was offering 70% off Laser Hair removal. You might want to check and see if Richmond has a similar deal today. Good luck!

  20. such an honest must continue this:)

    Wishing you the best of 2012!

  21. Great Post! thx for this "battle" ... there are sooo many different products for this "procedure", so this vid really helped me, at least with one of them... hahhaha.... !!!

  22. Thanks for the honesty in your reviews. I've never used this brand before, I only have tried the Venus before, which works fine

  23. Hi Girls!!!

    This is such a great idea!! loving it!!! :)

    Love K

  24. yay, love duo bloggers! We're now following you!
    thanks for coming by, and hope to see more about each other's blogs soon ;)

  25. I actually LOVE this thing.

    I'll admit that it isn't that close of a shave, but I think it is very effective when you're in a hurry and therefore that makes it easier to shave every day, so I found that the closeness doesn't matter!

    I've used this for years and will continue to use it.

  26. I been using this product for a few years now and personally love it.

    Great review dolls.

    <3 Marina


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