Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Low-Down: Neutrogena Wave

We hope you enjoyed our review on both the Original Wave and the Wave Sonic.  As we mentioned, we'd love to know if you've tried these or any of the other cleansing devices like the Clarisonic. 

Jayme purchased the Original Wave at Target for approx. $6.00
Wave Original Vibrating Power-Cleanser

Mendi purchased the Sonic Wave at CVS for approx. $15.00

Wave Sonic Spinning Power-Cleanser

Please drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts!


  1. I have the Sonic Wave and really like it, my skin feels so soft after using it. I have the same problem though about leaving it in the shower and forgetting to take a refill pad in with me. Friends swear by the Clairisonic but again, its such a splurge. Will be interested to know if people love it as much as its raved about!

  2. I haven't tried any type of product like this, but now I'm thinking I should!! I'll be running out to my Walgreens tomorrow to buy the Sonic I think. Just cause its the newer version and I like the fact the pad rotates.

  3. I actually tried the Olay ProX first and actually LOVED it.

    I did a review on it on my blog and at first I wasn't a fan; I think I was using it too much (twice a day at first) but after I reduced it to just using it in the morning it was ahhh-mazing...

    That is, until the battery died and I attempted to replace it but couldn't take it apart!

    Another thing...I didn't really like using it at night, I think just a plain old washcloth works better for me at night...maybe I'm paranoid but I feel like it was pushing the makeup in my pores! I much preferred using it in the morning and recommend trying that with the wave :)

    I am thinking of getting the Clarisonic Mia...will probably do a review on that once I get it! :)


  4. I have the Clarisonic, and yes, it was quite a splurge. But I really do like using it. I would give these a try though. Love Neutragena products.

  5. i have heard mixed reviews on this, great review ;-)

  6. Oh I've seen that before and am still thinking, but after that video I probably will! BTW I changed my blog URL to:


    -N :)

  7. I've never used either of these products, but I did get a Clarisonic for Christmas 2 years ago!
    Honestly - it didn't wow me as much as I thought it would. I used it for about a year and now it just sits under the bathroom sink at my parents house...oops! I'd definitely buy one of these 2 products though, because of the price! I'd even try to Olay one, I think. I'm a big Olay fan :)


  8. It's funny that you should mention the teenage daughter thing since my mom bought me this over two years ago (as I have problem skin). I did use it everyday for about a month, but my moisturizer wasn't rich enough to counter the cleanser on these pads. I reduced the use, then ran out of pads, but I agree that I would have been using this religiously had I been able to customize a clean pad with the cleanser of my choosing. I had the Original version, but it broke (new batteries wouldn't work, nothing made it turn on) after about 6-8 months.
    I almost want to get another and try to stick clean makeup remover pads on it for a DIY version...maybe...

  9. i have Always wanted to buy and try this! i have never tried any products similar to this, but i will definitely give it a try :) hope you two beautiful ladies are doing just fine! <3 muah!

    love, james

  10. I'm going to keep an eye out for these, I don't recall seeing them here. A good old wash cloth and my favorite products still work for me though. But like you said, it's inexpensive and it's a good brand, so I'd be happy to give it a go.

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  12. Yeah I tried this products a while back and it was pretty but, just began to annoy me.

  13. Love your cravings! You have a new follower!.I wish I could find the same brands in Qatar where Iive now!

    Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog on fashion, style and my experience as a western woman in Qatar! Pls feel free to make suggestions on future posts!.

  14. I've never tried a product like these, sounds so fun and efficient :)

    Thanks for your comment girls ! I really recommend the movie. The book was even better,in my opinion.

    Have a great weekend!

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  15. I used the Neutrogena Wave until I got the Clarisonic Mia for a present. It worked sooo much better, and I liked being able to use my own cleanser instead of a Neutrogena one.

    Great review!



  16. I've tried the Original Wave..really want to try out the newer version:) Not too keen on getting a Clarisonic. Not that I don't want to try one, just way too far out of my price range to be honest xx

  17. Aw I wish we got this product here in SA, thanks for letting me know about it and for the super review.

  18. @ indie by heart - Thanks so much for stopping by!

    @ Ladies And The City - Thanks for following! It's so cool to meet a blogger living in Qatar!

    @ Aimee Victoria Long - HAHA! Yep guess you love it or hate it. :-)

    @ jhopes70 - Thanks so much!! So glad you enjoyed!

    @ Vanisha - Hope you can find it! But yes an old fashioned wash cloth is probably just as good!

    @ jamie - Great, let us know if you give it a try!

    @ AnieJ - Oh please let us know if you try this as a DIY version...:-)

    @ Jessica - We hope you let us know if you try the Olay one. We have heard good things about that one too! In fact, Jayme's mom is using this one and likes it.

    @ Agora to Pronta - Thanks for stopping by!

    @ Nicole - Thanks for letting us know!

    @ CottonCandyINK - Yep we think most people are just in love with the Clarisonics. :-)

    @ Girlie Blogger - Thanks for letting us know. We've heard good things about the Clarisonic.

    @ Aimee L. - Just read your review on the Olay. So glad you got it to work for you! Hope you let us know if you get the Clarisonic.

    @ They Daily Fashionista - Oh please let us know if you get the Sonic. We want to know your thoughts!

    @ Cara - We wonder the same thing because this one seems fine to us!

  19. I havent tried any similar product, but it sounds interesting!! :) Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  20. I looked at the Wave today when I was at CVS, but I passed since it has cleanser built into the pads. My skin is really picky!

    I ended up buying the CVS version (they have 2 actually) and it comes with plain pads. I will be doing a review sometime next week. I have used it once and really like it so far.

  21. I haven't try this yet but heard so much about it and now with this review you girls are making me wanna go get it.

    Love you girls....

    <3 Marina

  22. Great comparative review! I have the Clarisonic Mia, but this looks like it's a pretty good alternative since it's so much cheaper. Olay has a cleansing tool that is supposed to be very similar to the Clarisonic, but I haven't personally tried it myself. I love my Mia because it removes face makeup very well, but I think it's something that I probably could live without. The only significant difference between the Clarisonic and the Neutrogena version is that the brush head oscillates rather than rotates. I noticed when you turned yours on it rotates in a pretty wide arc - the Clarisonic brush head moves a lot like the Sonicare electric toothbrushes :)

  23. I gave you an award on my blog! :)

  24. thanks dear, i have followed you back. great review dear, and it seems effective. will surely buy it if it was available here in my country.. awesome post <33

  25. Great review, I haven't tried this yet

  26. Hello pretty ladies. Ok so you know I have & love the Clarisonic & I haven't tried this or others but here are my thoughs:
    I don't use the MIA to remove makeup, I remove my makeup and then use the MIA with a cleanser to clean/exfoliate my skin
    The MIA brush head moves differently than this, making it difficult to compare
    The Oil of Olay brush is probably more similar to the MIA in terms of function (not movement), this one appears to be more of a rotating cleanser pad making it very hard to compare to the MIA
    You use the MIA brush head for about three months, and can get it wet so you never have to worry about not having the new pad on it in the shower, etc.
    I know the MIA is a splurge but truly if you saved $15 a month for it, you'd have it in no time..makes it seem more affordable
    I waste more than $15 a month on candy & nonsense

  27. Hey girls!!
    I bought the wave (with the 2 speeds) about a month ago at Walmart. I wanna say it was $12.99 but it also came with a pack of exfoliating pads.
    Like you guys said, I like it but its not something im obsessing about. My skin does feel smooth afterwards but it also does when I use a different product. So I dont know if there's really anything special about it. I wish I could splurge and get the Clarisonic but it's a lot of money. Im sure the Clarsonic is 100x better thought. It better be for that money. You know what else I was wondering about. I never saw anything about what kind of soap they use on the pads. Have you? I figured it was probably one of Neutrogena's cleansers.
    I have to say though, I like the exfoliating pads a lot more than the regular ones. If they sell the replacements for those you should try them.
    Good Review!!!

  28. The Neutrogena Wave is affordable yet effective. Great find!
    ~Pauline @neutrogena philippines


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