Thursday, April 7, 2011

Locks I Love

Around this time of year, I always get the itch to try something new with my hair. I guess it's the change in weather that makes me want to change up my style. Lately I've just colored my hair with an all over brown that's just a little deeper than my natural shade. But I used to play with color...a lot. Right now my hair is long and I'm still loving the length (and I love pony tails in the summer) but I think it's time to switch up the color. That's what is so awesome about coloring your hair - it's a quick and easy way to change yourself without it being too permanent.

I was over at checking out a feature they had on "9 Sexiest Spring Cuts" and found some cuts and color that I'm loving. Oh and I'll go ahead and say that yes Mendi is a true redhead. She is a virgin to the art of hair dying. Seriously though, you can tell by her complexion that it's natural yet people always stop her and ask if she colors her hair. It's kind of funny to us!

Here are my top 3 in no particular order:

#1 - Jennifer Aniston's One-Length Bob

Thank goodness that she is not bringing the "Rachel" back. Let's leave that on the set of Friends! Jennifer's newest cut and color is spot on.  It's a little shorter in the back and is angled slightly longer in the front and frames her face perfectly. Not as drastic of an angle that we have seen in the last couple of years ago. And the color is beautiful - chic and summery!

Jennifer Aniston - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - Bob
Photo Credit: Reuters/Susana Vera/Landov

#2 - Olivia Wilde's Airy Bangs

Olivia's bangs are fabulous!  They look so easy and soft on her face. A nice departure from the very blunt straight across bangs that we've seen.  The airy bangs that just touch her eyebrows and the long layers around her face really keep the focus to her eyes and face. It's a light and beautiful way to pull of bangs right now. And loving the long layers and of course I just love her color.

Olivia Wilde - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - Bangs
Photo Credit: Kyle Rover/

#3 - Rachel McAdams's Bouncy Layers

This is the perfect hair for Rachel -  it's glossy, bouncy and is full of life (just like I imagine her to be!) 
The length sits just below the collar-bone and the long layers just adds so much volume. Her bangs are on the longer side and look great swept to one side - adds a lot of texture. For anyone growing our their bangs this would be a great look.

Rachel McAdams - Sexy Spring Haircuts to Try Now - Medium with Layers
Photo Credit: Tony Barson/FilmMagic

Now what to choose...I'm so conflicted! Who knows, I may change my mind a hundred times before I go to my next salon appointment. And I may even combine a couple of the styles above - I have been leaning towards keeping my hair long, freshening up my layers and going a little lighter for summer. I'll have to see but I will for sure keep you all in the loop!

Please go to for more info. I only mentioned three out of the nine styles that they featured. We love InStyle magazine so if you haven't picked up the latest copy then you should check it out.



  1. the same think happens to me too,every spring i need to change my hair length,colour etc..
    i liked Olivias' look at most ;)

  2. Hey Caramellitsa! Thanks for dropping us a comment! So what are you considering doing to your hair this season?? Check out our giveaway going on now. Will ship to Greece if you win. ;)

  3. thank you :)))
    i hope i win :DDD

    well i lightened my hair colour to a bronze-red-brown or something like that from dark 2 days ago and now i am thinking of getting bangs in a couple of weeks...they make me look younger...xaxaaa

  4. Well go for Olivia's bangs! They are awesome! I am getting my hair done soon and can't wait!


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