Saturday, April 23, 2011

Someone Should Warn the Hubs

I have a new love in my life...


No need to sound the alarm, or call a divorce lawyer, it's just a new lipgloss/lipstick.  But not just "any" lipgloss or lipstick.  Many brands claim to have a lipgloss that looks like a lipstick, but I typically find (after I've paid for it & left the store) that when I apply it to my lips it goes on far more sheer than it looked in the tube.  Bummer.

Well, such is NOT the case when it comes to Korres' Raspberry Liquid Lipstick.  While playing around in Sephora, I stopped in the Korres section (having not previously owned a Korres product) long enough to peek at some of their lip products.  When I put a swatch of this lipgloss/lipstick on the back of my hand I was taken aback at how pigmented the color was...enough so that I had to call Jayme over to take a look too. 

Here's what Korres' website has to say about it:
    Cooling, water-based liquid lipstick with the creamy texture of a lip gloss with the long-lasting, vibrant finish of a lipstick.
    -Rich in line-smoothing, antioxidant Raspberry & Pomegranate extracts to protect against free-radical damage and smooth lip lines for softer, more youthful looking lips.
    -Certified Organic Acai Palm Pulp Oil moisturizes and soothes the lips creating a long-lasting, creamy texture.
    Available in six intense, high-pigment shades: Nude Beige, Berry, Natural, Fuchsia, Red and Soft Pink.
I purchased the Nude Beige after going back & forth between that one & the Natural.  My Sephora didn't have a tester out for the Soft Pink, but now that I've taken a closer look at all six shades online, I think I'd want to purchase that one too.

Korres might just have a new loyal user here.  I keep referring to it as a lipgloss slash lipstick, because it seems to honestly be just goes on incredibly smooth & shiny like a lipgloss (with no annoying tackiness...bonus), but it is so pigmented that it looks just like a lipstick.  I never thought I'd find a product that would give me the best of both worlds all in one.  Well now I can stop looking.  I have found my Prince Charming.

Learn more about Korres products at ...I know I will.  Or stop by your local Sephora store to see them in person (

**And no, Korres & Sephora did not sponsor this post in any way, shape or form.

Please leave us a comment to let us know if you have any cravings that you need to have satisfied ASAP.



  1. Great post! have you tried Stilla lippies? goes on like a gloss. looks like a lipstick after applied. My favorite is called fiery! Love it

  2. Hi Kura! No, I haven't tried a Stila lip product yet, although we actually just gave one away in our first giveaway. :) We do love some Stila though! We'll have to add this one to our wish list.

    Thank you for "following"! We just subscribed to your blog via what you have going on over at KuraKouture!

  3. Nice blog!!! :)
    I'm definitely following back ;) xx

  4. Thanks Kashi! We so appreciate the love!

  5. This lipgloss smells SO good! Love it!!

  6. Hi Tracy! So glad you love this lipgloss too! Thanks for dropping us a comment! Come back & visit soon. :)

  7. i'm OBSESSED with korres! so glad you are too!

  8. @ Brittany - We can't wait to go back to Sephora and get into all of the other Korres products!! Love your blog!


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