Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Steffing Out in Style

As you all know, we are still relatively new to the blogging community (we are still less than a month old) but we have gotten to meet (online of course) so many awesomely talented bloggers. One in particular really got us excited because the day we met and were emailing back and forth with her, we also noticed that she was featured in the "Look of the Day" on FabSugar. 

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with FabSugar we are going to take a moment to explain. It all started with the PopSugar website where you could go and get celebrity info - not the tacky, demeaning gossip you would see while checking out at the grocery store, but good celeb and entertainment news accompanied with great photos. They were so successful that they branched off into a bunch of other "Sugar" networks that specialize in everything:  fashion, beauty, entertainment, home, sex & culture, mom & kids, food, money, health, tech and pets. And FabSugar is all about fashion, shopping & style.

Please meet our new friend Steffy...

This is the photo that won the "Look of the Day" at FabSugar and it hits close to home for us because of the top she is wearing. If you guys remember in our "Top 10 Spring 2011 Trends" post, we weren't that excited about our #8 trend which was crochet...that is until we saw Steffy's outfit. We adore the vintage inspired look she has created with the crochet top, floral skirt and the mix of leather (love the lace-up boots). And seeing her in this crochet top, she has somehow managed to change our minds about what we thought was our "least" favorite trend for Spring. Thanks Steffy! You rock!

Steffy has amazing style and showcases her talent pulling fun outfits together on her blog. Please stop in and visit her site:

We think you will love Steffy as much we do!

Also to see Steffy's feature on FabSugar please click the link below:


  1. Hey gals! Great job on the blogging! Keep it up :)

  2. Steff, we're happy to share the love...thanks so much for being a part of our blog!

    Linh, thank you so much for commenting. You've been so supportive & I hope you know how much we appreciate it!

    XOXO -
    Jayme & Mendi

  3. Love the top. Might have to make that one of my purchases this summer, but it would have to be at least 85 degrees outside for me to wear it. I'm anemic and always cold!! (LOL)

    Yeah for your 47 followers! Here's to 147 more!!!!

  4. @ Angela - We can be a bit cold natured too! But we think Richmond weather would totally support a crochet top like Steffy's! Thank you for your support and your well wishes!! We LOVE our followers!


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