Friday, April 1, 2011


March Madness is such a fun time of year. Just about everyone we know fills out a bracket and the competition begins. This year has been so different for us Richmonders. We had two teams that made the tournament. The University of Richmond Spiders made it to the Sweet 16 (unfortunately they lost to Kansas) but they had a terrific season. And our VCU Rams have made it to the FINAL FOUR!!! It's so crazy!! And we are so excited!!

And so many said that VCU didn't even deserve to be in this years tournament. Haters. But that's OK...these guys have proven that with hard work and determination and a whole lot of heart good things can happen. While watching the game last Sunday at Bandito's (a local establishment in the Fan Area), the ENTIRE place was one...everyone cheering for the same outcome. We were chanting V-C-U, standing on chairs, high fiving and having a blast. It was awesome! Living in Richmond, we don't have any major league teams which is a bummer because there is no unity when it comes to sports. But this year VCU has unified the city and that may be a small thing to most but we'll take it. 

So on Saturday night if you hear a lot of cheering, it will be us rooting for our VCU Rams to beat Butler and advance to the final game. GO RAMS!! 

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