Monday, April 25, 2011

My Mane Squeeze

Back many years ago when I was studying publishing at NYU we all got to take a "field trip" to visit a magazine. Well, the one that everyone wanted to see was Rolling Stone. I mean, of course, because that office had to be the most youthful and well... rock & roll. We were selected at random and guess which mag I got...Good Housekeeping. Jayme say what? I was in my early 20's, and to be honest, that just sounded so boring. Boy was I wrong. Once at the Hearst Corporation, we all got escorted upstairs to see some of the actual testing labs. It was awesome. They were testing kitchen products and we got to go inside and watch. I never again looked at products that had attained the honor of having the Good Housekeeping seal the same. The seal means that the product does exactly what it claims to do...and let me tell you that they test the bejesus out of them before they are approved.

So this brings me to one of Mendi's best product finds ever...The Remington Style Therapy - Frizz Therapy Flat Iron. I bet you guys would never guess that Mendi's lovely red hair is naturally curly would you? And I'm not talking about wavy, I'm talking tight curls that some people pay to get. Well she found this fabulous flat iron a few years ago at Target and has raved about it ever since...and she has the hair to prove that this is the best flat iron on the market right now. So not too long ago she used the Remington on my hair and it was amazing. My hair can be a little big and frizzy and I don't like to spend lots of time to get my hair looking nice. This was a game changer...I went out and bought it immediately. The difference in my hair was insane.

Remington Style Therapy - Frizz Therapy Flat Iron
Winner of the 2010 Allure Best of Beauty: Beauty Breakthrough Award and the 2010 Good Housekeeping VIP Award! The Frizz Therapy Flat iron delivers 15 hours of humidity protection and 65% less frizz. Next generation ceramic plates are infused with frizz-resistant micro-conditioners to lock in your straight style all day.

Product Details:
Up to 65% less frizz all day.
15 hour humidity protection.
Highest grade ceramic plates.
Innovative frizz-resistant technology; keeps your style smooth all day.
Floating plates; for constant contact and better heat distribution.
Digital precise temperature control.
30 second instant heat.
Turbo boost to highest setting.
LCD indicator light.
Hinge lock; for easier storage.
Salon length, swivel cord.
Automatic safety shut-off; turns the unit off after one hour.
4 year warranty.

This flat iron is approved by Allure magazine, Good Housekeeping and best of's Jayme & Mendi approved!! We promise that this product does everything it claims and we have tested this out in the humid weather that VA is known to have. Maybe sometime soon we will post a video showing what it does to our hair so you can see for yourself.

(This post was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.)

Oh and in case you were wondering those students that got picked to go to Rolling Stone complained about how surprisingly boring their visit turned out to the end my group had the most fun magazine. :-)

Let us know what hair tool you can't live without or if you have this particular product. We'd love to find out!



  1. Nice post! I went to school for magazine journalism so it sounds like we're in the same field :) Also, we got the giveaway prizes, today. Thanks, they're great!

    Briggs and Jules

  2. Yay glad you got the packages. :-) Enjoy!!

  3. @ Steffy - It's the best. We swear by it!

  4. VA weather as humid as Houston? If so, then I really need to get this. I have a Chi which is great and all but if this can straighten my hair AND lessen the frizz significantly, then I am sold. And it's cheap! I have lioness hair and it's HUGE! I've been wanting to blog about before/after shots, but I am too scared to show what my hair REALLY looks like after blowdrying it. hehe Thanks for sharing this ladies! Ya'll are great!

  5. I awarded you with THE STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD!!! XOXO

  6. @ Linh - Not too sure if VA and Texas are the same as far as humidity. But I'll tell you that VA is super humid and my hair tends to grow it gets bigger and bigger. This flat iron really does the trick. sound like us...we are nervous to show before and after shots but I'm thinking it would fun. Mendi might not think so though! :-) But please let us know if you end up trying this out.
    Oh saw on Twitter that you were tweeting in the it!!

  7. @ KittyVixen85 - Yay! So fun!! Once Mendi is back in town we will follow the rules and pass it on. Thanks girl!!!

  8. love your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll.. Add my blog [My Face Hunter] in your list..i will add yours!!! kisses!

  9. Man am I glad I saw this post! My GHD straighteners are on the verge of giving up the good fight and I'm in the market for some new straightening irons. I will definitely be looking into the Remingtons, so thanks!


  10. @ Emma - Just checked out your blog and love it! We are now following you through Google Friend Connect. We'd love it if you would click to follow us as well. Thanks!!

  11. @ Lauren - Glad to be of help!! Please let us know what you end up purchasing once your straighteners are officially "retired". :-)

  12. @ Mirror of Fashion - We agree!! :-) We just clicked through on your blog to follow - we are your 100th follower via Google Friend Connect. We'd love to have you "follow" us too!



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